SOS Info Box

 SOS info box: all the important information for (your) rescuers

More and more people have an emergency and vaccination card, medication plan, living will, etc. at home.

 However, it is usually impossible for rescuers to find out where this emergency information is kept in the home.

 The solution is in the fridge.

Your emergency data goes into the SOS emergency box and is placed in the refrigerator DOOR. Now they have a fixed location and can be easily found in any household!



The SOS info box has been produced exclusively by acavi GmbH since 2014.
We produce on request with customer design and in more than 20 languages -References

All production steps take place in Germany.

Property rights for the SOS info offerings were granted by: DPMA (Germany), EUIPO (Europe), IGE | IPI (Switzerland).


Fernsebericht der ARD - Wichtige Dokumente richtig aufbewahren: Die Notfalldose   |    Quelle: ARD-Buffet

Erklärvideo zur SOS-Notffalldose, erstellt vom Landkreises Mittelsachsen  |  Quelle: Landkreis Mittelsachsen, Mediathek

Interview mit Dr. med. Nina Meißner, Notärztin im Krankenhaus Neuwerk   |   Quelle: CityVision Das Stadtfernsehn